Carpets are Out

Carpets in caravans get very dirty very quicklyAn appeal to caravan and motorhome manufacturers to stop fitting carpet and replace it with hard wearing quality vinyl flooring like Amtico or Moduleo.

It’s quite strange how flooring fashions have changed. My father in law once told me that back in his day, people couldn’t afford carpets in their rooms. From the 1950’s onwards, carpeting then became fashionable and wall to wall carpets became more affordable and the way forwards.

So the craze began. [Read more…]

The E-Cig Revolution is Here to Stay

ecigsDespite plenty of cynicism from official bodies regarding electronic cigarettes, it seems that the fears and criticisms of this revolutionary product are perhaps unwarranted. The e-cigs revolution is well and truly here to stay.

Only this week (26 November 2014) the BBC highlighted a report published by the Office of National Statistics that showed that the vast majority of e-cig users were current or former smokers. Another myth from the e-cigarette fear mongers quashed.

If you are a smoker of a certain age like myself, you will perhaps remember being able to smoke in all sorts of places – everywhere. You couldn’t do that now of course, it seems ridiculous that patients could smoke in hospital wards and that teachers could puff away in schools!


Yet, what I find really interesting is despite smoking being increasingly seen as an anti-social habit, e-cigarettes have been quite slow to take off given that they are a much more acceptable alternative – that is until the last few years.

In fact I had a little handbag shop several years ago and a marketing man and agent I knew introduced me to this rather impressive alternative to smoking actually demonstrating vaping in my shop. [Read more…]

Divorce Appeal for Fair Rules

Divorce solicitors based in LondonCompulsory Mediation

Leading London solicitors at Southampton Row look at how realistic forcing mediation is. SRS are a:

Divorce Solicitors London

Since April this year, any couples or families seeking a court order to solve problems with children or finances, have to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

This sounds very good and of course, if it helps keep costs down, then so much the better. [Read more…]

Legal Aid for Defamation and Divorce Law Cases

Campaign for legal aid for defamation and divorce law casesThis is a campaign for the introduction of legal aid for cases involving defamation law and divorce cases. Learn more about a case involving a :

Defamation solicitors London


The case for legal aid for defamation cases has been promoted for quite some time, even over a decade ago when the 2 Greenpeace activists who claimed McDonalds didn’t supply healthy food, underpaid staff, and didn’t do enough for the environment were taken to the high court.

They subsequently applied to the EU court for Human Rights to fight the cause, and this is still being pursued today.

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Electric Adjustable Beds

Double electric adjustable bedsWhat is the best invention since slice bread?

We say:

adjustable beds.

How on earth did we cope without them?
They have become an essential part of hospitals and care homes.

They give more independence to those who aren’t quite as mobile as they used to be. [Read more…]

UK Flooding Appeal

UK flood disasterThe flooding currently being experienced in the UK is the worst recorded since 1766 and has been responsible for thousands of people being moved from their homes, thousands more homes without electricity, and £Hundreds of Millions of damage being caused.

And yet despite all of this the Disasters Emergency Committee and Oxfam among a great many charities that enjoy generous donations from the British public are refusing to help because, in the simple terms in which they put it, “British people are too rich.” [Read more…]