Cutting Energy Costs Together

This is the Big Deal (on cutting energy costs)This is perhaps not quite totally related to caravans and motorhomes, but it is something close to my and many other peoples hearts, and that is the shocking cost of energy like gas and electricity in this country.

I’m posting this in the appeals section because we can all force the energy suppliers into giving us a better deal if we all stick together, and that’s why I’m promoting:

This is the Big Deal

Keep reading to learn more and find out how you can cut your energy costs too. [Read more...]

UK Flooding Appeal

UK flood disasterThe flooding currently being experienced in the UK is the worst recorded since 1766 and has been responsible for thousands of people being moved from their homes, thousands more homes without electricity, and £Hundreds of Millions of damage being caused.

And yet despite all of this the Disasters Emergency Committee and Oxfam among a great many charities that enjoy generous donations from the British public are refusing to help because, in the simple terms in which they put it, “British people are too rich.” [Read more...]